これは嬉しい Noto Sans Japanese が Google Webfontに登場。ついに日本語対応

なかなか、日本語のWebfontってなかったので、GoogleのWeb FONTで使えるようになったのは嬉しいです.


 含まれている漢字は6,355 Kanji ですが、特殊な文字を使わなければほぼ対応できるのではないでしょうか

Noto Sans Japanese (Japanese)

When text is rendered by a computer, sometimes there will be characters in the text that can not be displayed, because no font that supports them is available to the computer. When this occurs, small boxes are shown to represent the characters. We call those small boxes “tofu,” and we want to remove tofu from the Web. This is how the Noto font families got their name.

Noto helps to make the web more beautiful across platforms for all languages. Currently, Noto covers over 30 scripts, and will cover all of Unicode in the future. This is the Sans Japanese family. It has Regular and Bold styles and is hinted.

Noto fonts are intended to be visually harmonious across multiple languages, with compatible heights and stroke thicknesses. For the currently released Noto fonts see code.google.com/p/noto/

Note: Noto Sans Japanese has been subsetted to 6,934 characters and contains most of the characters defined by JIS X 0208. This includes 6,355 Kanji as well as 579 non Kanji characters.


@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/earlyaccess/notosansjapanese.css);


font-family: 'Noto Sans Japanese', serif;